Our Mission....

We exist to support Home Schooling Families in their educational pursuits
through classes and a time to meet together.
This is a support group and a co-op.

We Pledge: To stand alongside Home School families.
We Pledge: To provide a safe environment for socialization.
We Pledge: To help with subjects that may be difficult to pursue in the home.


We meet every Tuesday, almost year round. Classes begin at 9am and are completed by 3. This ministry is parent led. The more parental involvement the more successful the ministry.
Before attending classes, if you have not already done so, you will be required to sign Parental Responsibilities in order to participate.
Students are required to provide their own supplies and purchase their own books. If the cost of the book is all that is keeping you from registering please let Hope know as there are scholarships available.

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Homeschool Resources